15 Weeks Gestation up to Infant Losses (up to 12lbs)

If this package is needed for a burial service we will do our best to ship it out as quick as possible and get it to you in time for the funeral. We do not have control over shipping delays that may occur.

We do NOT allow for our packages to be gifted to grieving parents. There are some families that may not be ready for a package and we want to respect their wishes and wherever they may be in the grieving process. Family and friends please refrain from filling out this form out of respect for the parents wishes. If you have received permission from the parents then feel free to fill out the form on their behalf. THANK YOU.

Please submit this form with the required information if you would like a package. The more information we have the better our ministry can serve you.

Turn around time on our memorial packages is up to 8 months from the time the form is submitted.